Jollibee in Glee

The latest episode of Glee entitled “Dream On” that featured “Jollibee” rocked the Twitter world finally bumping out Justin Beiber and putting Jollibee as high as number 5 on the trending topics on the popular networking site. I admit I was giddy when I saw “Jollibee” during one of the musical production but I did not know that it will invade twitter! Below is a screencap of the said “cameo”.

And here is the full video flash mob style of the  “cameo” that was shot in Eagle Rock Mall in Los Angeles and no, there is no Jollibee in Lima, Ohio.

via Yahoo Video

Aside from “Jollibee” the main guest for the week was Neil Patrick Harris which is really Glee material!

Here is this the summary of this week’s episode.

Mr. Schuester’s high school nemesis (Neil Patrick Harris) causes trouble for the glee club; Rachel struggles with a personal issue; Artie goes on an adventure in his dreams.

You can watch this episode online, there are many websites around where you can Watch Glee Season 1  Episode 19 – Dream On in full, just search for them using your favorite search engine.