Charraven supports Earth Hour 2010

I can still remember Earth Hour 2009, the other “charraven” is still alive and kicking when we turned off the lights. I(Raven) was playing online and was amazed that a handful of people in-game knows about Earth Hour while a number of clients/people we know was asking us why our lights are off.

This year; thanks to social media, more people were made aware of what Earth Hour is all about. A friend of ours made a small bonfire in front of their house and roasted marshmallows. My parents together with their grandchildren went stargazing on our front yard with soft music in the backyard. And us? We were on a dimly lit room, having our Chinese foot and body massage. And yes we turned off all the lights at home. How about you, what did you do during Earth Hour 2010?

To learn more about Earth Hour, view pictures and more videos you can visit Earth Hour Philippines Homepage or