Mo Twister Presents: The Ara Mina Video Scandal 2

Ara Mina (Helen Klenk Reyes in real life) is a sexy actress and singer from the Philippines. She is also trying her luck in politics this year. I think it’s in her blood since her father, grandfather and other family members (Mathay) are biggies in the political arena in Quezon City. She is reportedly running for a local position in the said city and I guess part of the plan is to have some extra media mileage by guesting in Television shows. Recently he graced Mo Twister’s show and the results was … (ok you better view the video below)

I’m tagging this as the Ara Mina Video Scandal since her replies in my opinion are really funny and scandalous. I don’t know if she was just overwhelmed by the host barrage of questions (in English hehe) or is she just unprepared. I hope that for the sake of her political ambitions (and maybe for her future constituents in QC too), she will do some readings and preparation before doing another guesting in a TV show.

2 thoughts on “Mo Twister Presents: The Ara Mina Video Scandal

  1. NELSON CAPULONG Mar 1,2010 2:39 AM

    Ara Mina ought to be ashamed of herself! It’s preposterous that she is out of the loop and know nothing about current events, especially in her own country. She’s aspiring to be in politics I heard….God help the people. Her responses to all the the questions are visible indications of her mediocrity!

  2. ark Mar 30,2010 11:27 AM

    Tama! She is running for public office so she should be aware of what’s happening today.

    Sa ibang mga questions, parang di siya sigurado sa mga sagot nia. She needs to immerse herself more in current events para di siya napapahiya ng gaya nito.

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