Avatar, IMAX and Warcraft

Raven and I watched Avatar last weekend. I was very excited since this was my first time to watch a movie in IMAX. Our Avatar and IMAX experience was great!!! Hats off to James Cameron and his team. The movie really deserves its Golden Globe. And if I heard it right it’s the highest grossing film now, what an achievement!!!

Since I’m so into to the Warcraft lore, let me blog about Avatar and how I relate it to Blizzard’s Warcraft lore. At first I likened the Na’vi race to the Night Elf race in Warcraft. With the Na’vi’s 9-footer height, blue skin and great skill in archery, its very similar to night elves. Na’vi’s Hometree looks like the World Tree (Teldrassil). From my observation, Na’vi have great respect for nature and practices druidism. Their warrior’s choosing of Ikran (Mountain Banshee) is similar to the concept of shaman and companion animal choosing (I remember Snowsong’s choosing of Thrall in Lord of the Clans novel) although without much struggle on the shaman’s part. Neytiri’s taming of the Palulukan (Thanator) can be likened to Hunters skill of taming wild animals and Na’vi’s close kinship to a Pa’li (Direhorse) can be related to Warcraft character’s empathy to their traveling mounts. As for the humans, the technology can be likened to Terrans in Blizzard’s Starcraft game, but maybe I will create another post for it.

Hope you like my Avatar post here at Charraven.com.